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Letter from Pastor
We are going to take a little break from our series on the Minor Prophets. Of course, you all know why: the corona virus. It has brought our nation — even the world — to its knees. Schools closed; businesses closed or restricted; social gatherings prohibited; worship services ended. Even sporting events have been postponed, or cancelled — so you KNOW this must be big!

And, all joking aside, it is. Our government leaders have made the decision to enact all these restrictions to help prevent greater spreading of the virus by casual contact. Our congregational leaders have made the difficult decision to cancel all activities at the church and school, for the time being. Whether or not we agree with those decisions — all of them, or just some — the fact is, they ARE the decisions made by those entrusted with that responsibility. And we know that they were made in the interest of the general welfare.

This is a good time, then, to thank God for our leaders — both civil and church. To pray for them. To support/encourage/thank them personally. Theirs is not an easy task. And it is one for which they will have to answer to God. So, they NEED our prayers and support.

Another “silver lining” might be that this will lead more people to reflect on just Who is in control of all things. Just like after 9/11, perhaps this will lead to a spiritual awakening in our nation. On a more personal level, hopefully more people (including us!) will now take time for daily prayers/devotions. For family worship (and other family activities too).  

On the congregational level, although we cannot have public services we are still holding internet/radio services (check our webpage oursaviorslutheranchurchcrookston.org or listen to KROX 1260 AM Sunday mornings at 8:00). We are hoping to add additional ways (mostly electronic media) to get church/school information and announcements out, to circulate sermons and Bible studies, to keep in touch with our members. To help with this, we are asking for email addresses of our members (these will be confidential and ONLY used for church purposes); please call or send those addresses to me at: pastor.oslds@midconetwork.com. Additionally, please let me know if you have spiritual needs, or desire private/home communion. My cell number is (218)289-2830.

Above all, remember that you are God’s beloved child. He lived and died for you; He suffered hell itself for you. And, as we celebrate Easter (maybe at home!), we remember He rose to give us eternal life. He will never leave or forsake you. He is with us, every step of the way — including through this corona virus pandemic. So, give thanks to the Lord, for He IS good!

Pastor Bohler

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